Wednesday, November 6, 2013

When homeschooling goes wrong....

Well, yeah, been away too long and I know it but hey, life happens. And here, it happens every single day.

Here's the super quick run down so you know what I mean when I say "life."

I ( Melissa) got back from tending to mom and her back surgery after 3 months of being in Alabama with 3 of the kiddos. The  big two stayed to finish the year with their classes. The summer kicked off with tutor training and job hunting... and general what not of being gone for 3 months!

Rex and I had the honor and privilege of photographing 2 weddings. Both were stunningly beautiful brides (no pictures obviously!). One was a backyard wedding and the other was a beach wedding. Pinterest would be jealous of both. I promise you, if I didn't know better I'd say these folks were hired from modeling agencies! We are working on our website because this is the line our hearts still want to go.

Rex's crazy season at work has just ended, he and Ondepena are building farmhouse tables to sell, he is gearing up to coach 2 basketball teams (Ondepenya and Warrior), and is addicted to this football team... can't seem to remember the name though. ;P


Mom's working 2 jobs and tutoring 2 classes (and loving it... but tired. Very tired.).

Future rock band cover photo, dontcha think?

Electron is in high school (choke!) and loving debate and economics and has also gotten his own YouTube channel. He's going to post about that though so I won't say much.
Glitter is in middle school, playing bball with our homeschool league, coaching Warrior's bball team with dad, and loving it.
Ondepenya is graduating from elementary school this year- oh my! I get to be his tutor one last time.
Warrior  is in 4th grade and officially taking the Essentials class for the first time.... which is one of the classes I am tutoring.
SnowFlake is enjoying her class (the nursery class) and is making friends in her church nursery classes and, by virtue of a joint child decision, is attending Wednesday morning story hour at the library.... and loving it. Mrs. Emily makes her smile as much as the big kids did. And, precious lady that she is, remembers the big kids too!

My bookends.... bittersweet memories here. One just getting started and one on his way out of the house. Love that he takes the time to teach her things in that special big brother way.

Sooooo, what is my homeschool fail story today?

Being the GOOD mom that I am, when the kids say, "Hey mom, we found a turtle laying eggs in the front yard. Can we mark the nest and watch it?" I say, "Yes! Of course! Please do."

When they say, "Hey mom, we found a nest of eggs in the flower beds. We looked it up and think they are skinks. Can we watch it to see what hatches?" I dutifully oblige with a resounding, "What a fun experiment! Let's do it!"

So when I hear, "Hey mom, we're studying moths in our class and this leaf looks like it has a moth's cocoon on the back. If I put it in a jar and keep it next to the fish tank, can we watch it until it hatches?" "Um, yeah. I don't see why not. Let's see how long it takes..... THE LAST TIME IT TOOK ABOUT 3 OR 4 WEEKS."

Imagine my horror when I heard this morning, "Mooooooooooooooooooooom, there's a bunch of baby spiders in the pencil can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do I do?"

Um yeah. Calmly I said something to the effect of,"RUN TO THE YARD WITH IT!"

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea

Glitter sent her own special bouquet this year, flowers from her own personal collection tied with ribbons from her room.

Found a balloon with pink and purple butterflies for my butterfly baby....thought it looked appropriate for a 4 yr old. Can't believe that she would be learning to read this year. Time flies.

Friday, April 5, 2013


OK, I know it's been an insanely long time since I've posted anything. This has been one of the craziest years on record at our house. Unfortunately, I don't have time for a proper post now either.

I'm really just recording this because I think I'll want to find these words of comfort later.

So, here's a link to a post done by Fran at Small Bird Studios. Her art is amazing btw if you are looking for custom pieces for your home. She's pretty amazing!

One day I'll find the pictures from this year adn post them. One day I'll update this record on what we've been up to! :)

My other friend, Lori, just did a post on Still Standing. that's a webzine for grieving mothers. her words always say what I want to say.... only she says it SO.MUCH.BETTER.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Still here?

Yes, we are but in modified form. Our computer decided to flip out on us in August (as I was printing off an entire summer's worth of worksheets and lesson plans that I had spent an insane number of hours on no less) and we are slowly regrouping and reconfiguring..... I promise an update at some point before Snowflake goes off to college.

Sorry, no new pictures either. :(

I am off Facebook due to these half-solved issues as well- so sad to be missing the election nonsense and football trash talk. Yeah, um, that's it, sorry to be missing it. (ROLL TIDE!)

The school year is going well and Snowflake is fitting in almost perfectly. She watches her "school video" too and usually loves it. We even caught her starting to sing her ABC's the other day! She also loves having her own white board to doodle on.

Well, back to reality- lunch break is over 'round here!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Homeschooling Ideas

A friend of mine writes a fabulous blog. Really, everyday I laugh or cry or nod my head in complete understanding! It's great.

She just finished up a 5 day series on how she homeschools with Classical Conversations. The link will get you to the first in the series. Her tips can easily be applied to any homeschool so I encourage you to check it out! She has some great links and printables too.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Muse

This  is the best picture we got of "Baby Cow" at the July 18th Cow Appreciation Day. Oh dear! This computer is being fussy. :( errrr. We go every year because we love us some chicken! The people that own the Chik-Fil-A across the stress are super sweet and kind and friends of some of our friends so we tend to support their business. Baby Cow loved that all the "REAL" cows came over to talk to her. Sidenote, do you see the ridiculous length of my ponytail? Yeah, totally Locks of Love time again.

As I was looking for pictures I noticed a definite theme to our collection. Snow Flake! Seems to me that whenever she does or says anything even remotely adorable someone says, "Quick- Electron, grab your camera!" He has become the family documentarian. Snow Flake is his muse of choice. We have all kinds of exploitive funny videos and pictures of her doing the strangest things. I promise you if they ever figure out she can be trained to do a trick, they take pictures of her doing it! They think it is hilarious that she will now carry her own diapers to the trash, and then clap for herself, and she will carry her step stool over to the "ish-y" tank and beg us to turn it on so she can watch they "ish-y" and scream at the top of her lungs, "HEEEEEEEEY!" She must think he will eventually come out of there and respond, "Well, hello there little one. I am so glad you've chosen to visit with me again. We must have tea sometime." She cracks us all up. I have to start remembering to take more pictures of all of them instead of letting them just take pictures of her. They are such a troupe of circus folks. By the way, she begs to take baths all day long and loves when she has company and her other favorite thing to do is to walk to the lake and eat berries while watching the fish and turtles and geese. Funny girl. By the way, do NOT ever try to go out the door without taking her too. She was born to be outdoors. She is her daddy's daughter!

Birthday Girl

Kelsey Peace, August 11, 2009- 3 years old

Our Sweet Pea turned 3 years old yesterday. It seems like only yesterday she was born and then again, it seems as if she has always been a part of my heart. Funny, at first my (our?) grief was so new and fresh that it hurt like an open oozing wound. Now it seems to be more of a constant dull pain that is always there, never going away for even a second, but it has become such a part of me that it would be wrong for it to be gone.

Truly I think now it is more the pain of loving her and not being able to hold her and "check in" with her..... yet. Yesterday I found myself just wishing I could pick up the phone and talk to her for just a sentence or two, "Hey, it's Mom. Just wanted to say I love you and I can't wait to see you again."

I suppose living in the age of microwaves and emails and cell phones does weird things to your heart. Anyhow, I (Melissa) went to the cemetery yesterday and this time I went alone. It effected (affected? not that far in our grammar curriculum yet, sorry) me in a whole new way. It was strange but it was instinct to be visiting a 3 yr old and not the newborn that we had taken out there. This was a definite first for me.

One of the hardest things for me has been to cope with not being there while she grows up- to miss her milestones. Maybe yesterday was just God's special gift to my heart.

There were several new babies since I was there last.... that always rips my heart out. By the same token, when there are no new graves or only one or two, it makes me smile and rejoice. Something new that really made me smile was that about 6 months ago the funeral home that handles the babies began to put the baby's picture on the temporary marker! I LOVED seeing the sweet faces of those precious ones. And yes, if I'd had the option, I would've said,"YES!".

Anyhow, this is the way "Baby Land", as it is called, looked yesterday. It is so sad to see all the graves that don't have flowers or even permanent markers. Breaks my heart, the circumstances that cause that are even more heart breaking usually.

Yes, every single one of these is  a dead baby. Many parents leave toys, notes from grandparents, precious things that give you insight into the family that loves the little ones buried here.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


One of the blogs I love is doing a giveaway today: The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking.

The company sponsoring the giveaway: MadeOn Skin Care Products, is doing a special coupon code for those who want to try out this green way to keep bugs off. They have a bunch of really neat products that I would love to try. So, for all of you wannabe crunchy folks out there (like me) who are just beginning your journey, check it out. The details are on the blog. Then follow the link to the company and try it out! And don't forget to enter for the giveaway too. :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blogs I love:

Hello friends/family/random folks who stumble across this-apparently- rarely updated blog.

I always promise to do better but the truth of the matter is I am technically challenged and the camera is not easy to figure out. I have been far less than diligent about trying to figure it out. So, as we head into another school year there is again a promise to do better with the knowledge that actually, I'm simply waiting until Electron has time to figure it out. Clear as mud?

He did get a few pictures uploaded so that I can use them. Enjoy:

The lover-ly Birthday Princess! :) 

The very first sister tea party ever!!!! LOVE that we got it on camera! Thank you Electron!

If you are my Facebook friend you know that I am furiously avoiding my lesson plans and Mom -aka the Category 5 Energizer Bunny, was here last week and so much progress was made towards my never ending to-do list that I can now see the bottom of said list..... not much has been done to it since she left mind you. The children that populate the house went into major withdrawal because I did not read to them the entire week Mom was here and so I have been required to make up for lost time- Anne of Green Gables is hard to put down.

I would like to state for THE RECORD that I have completed at least 5 of my Pinterest projects. This completely disproves the theory that I am all ideas and no follow through. Do I make myself clear? :) The fact that there are 500 projects waiting in the wings is of no consequence. Again, clear?(glaring eyeballs bulging so you'd better agree....)

I would also like to point out that I have filled up one side of my carport, not once but twice (I am taking a bow here), with items that we no longer fit/need/use that are looking for a better home. I may end up at Goodwill with them but I hope to get them to consignment of some sort so that I can have a few bucks towards the list of clothing/book needs that fusses for attention.

Also finally, after nearly 16 years (yikes!) gotten around to painting and decorating our master bedroom. I wish I could post pictures but that darn camera thing.... sigh. It is really nice to have a coordinated place to crash at the end of the day instead of a dump spot for whatever wasn't used in decorating the rest of the house. I am, dare I admit it? actually almost happy with how it turned out. It's not exactly Rex's style nor is it mine but it is a happy medium that lends a (deceptively) peaceful atmosphere to a rather chaotic household.

Making drill sheets for math also got checked off the list.

Anyway, I am avoiding said lesson plans right this very minute. :D BUT, I simply have to share with you a few blogs that are near and dear to my heart.

#1: A very amazing woman recently became a Mom to an absolutely heart grabbingly beautiful little girl! Click on over to see her sweet family.

#2: A friend is celebrating her bloggy half birthday with TONS 'O PRIZES AND GIVEAWAYS and she is gearing up to write a book that I can't wait to read.

#3 I found who I want to be when I grow up! This woman is amazing. She has 2 blogs that I adore-A-DORE, no really, like totally, completely ADORRRRRRRRRE... one and two .... Seriously, this woman is my hero and I'm darn near close to sacrilege in my idol-worship of her. I'm totally doing her one year challenge if I can get my family on board. Not the kind of challenge that I can do alone - requires cooperation. darn.

Anyhow, check 'em out and hopefully soon I will finally get some pictures of my new master suite ;P, Pinterest projects, and my glorious new schoolroom that I am totally falling in love with! Oh yeah, some pictures of the kiddos would be nice too, right grandfolks? xoxoxox

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Snowflake cuteness!

It's been WAY too long since I've posted any pictures of our now adorably cute 1 yr old. She is laughing constantly, learning sign language (and will "please" you vehemently to get what she wants), and toddling about in the cutest fashion  (not with hands in the air like every other toddler- oh no, not her- she LOVES to carry things around with her when she walks.... you know, DS cords, glasses, tv remotes, any cell phone or keys she can find.... contraband only for this kiddo!). She is addicted to the outside and every time she wakes up she "please"s to go outside. Here are some recent shots of her royal cuteness in many of her favorite places:

Eating french fries on a date with Daddy.....

In Glitter's arms......

In her swing.....

Being all cute and knowing it.... she loves to squinch up her face and stick her tongue out!

Have you noticed that she now has enough hair to have a "Pebbles 'tail" instead of the sweet little headbands with bows and flowers that we've been using to designate that she's a girl? :) Playing dress-up is one of our favorite activities... "our" being Me, Glitter, AND Snowflake!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Someone else said it too....

Warning, this is not a happy, happy, joy, joy warm and fuzzy post. A very precious friend of mine has suffered yet another loss. I won't go into details- they are her details to share- in her words. I encourage you, especially if you do not understand from your own experience, to read around on her blog. She is very real and honest.

Anyhow, today she posted something that expresses my heart in better words than I could ever hope to have.

For those of you that have felt the sting of loss, in whatever form-even the unspoken ones that are only told by your eyes, my heart aches with you and the Lord frequently brings you to mind. Even when I do not tell you, I DO pray. Only one thing do I know for sure..... HE knows. HE cares.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Time has rolled on. I haven't been a very good blogger. Maybe I'll catch up and maybe I'll just move on. But in the mean time, I ran across this:

.....which I hope will lead to this:

This summer is going to be one for the record books I hope! :D Momma's got plans....... but no checklist.... yet..... well, except the one posted above..... but it's in pretty colors and a fun font so does it really count as a checklist? hmmmmmmm, no time to ponder! Fun awaits. And in case you're lost, we are finished with our homeschool group (except Electron who has one more week) and so we are unofficially "done" with school though math books and testing are yet to come.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Almost 13 yr olds, texting, humor, and pi

The time has come in my life when I must respect the bizarre humor that comes with being an independent minded almost teenager. We're coming up on a birthday VERY quickly. Sigh..... but all year long the humor has been sneaking in. It started being absurdly random, "Hey Mom, guess what?" "Um, what?" "Pumpernickle!" oooooookkkkkkkkkk. I know I deserve this. I tortured my mom too. So he and I began a back and forth running commentary that has kept me on my toes all year. Somewhere around Christmas this turned to "PI!!!!" grunted out by a burst of breath that can only come from an almost 13 yr old boy to which my homeschool brain automatically replied, "3.14". And so began the "new phase" of randomness. It had a purpose.

This morning as I was making my bed I got a text message. Rather unusual because A) I don't text well and very infrequently at that B) The few people that DO (the "kids" i work with) text me aren't usually awake this time of day. Curiosity got me and I stopped to check it.

This is what it said, "HAPDM". It was the babysitting emergency phone that we keep for the children. ? I was confused and sent back the random letters that my fingers hit first. The game. Brightened my day immediately. I got this reply, "That means, 'Have a Pi Day, Mom'." Oh. Ok. I sent back, "3.14" I got back, " Ya face. ;P" I love this kid.

13 is going to be so much fun. Especially when it's 13, 15, 16, 18...... and 5. I love when life makes me laugh.

I send profuse apologies to all my teachers, parents, and friends' parents. I have vivid memories of a conversation about how to make bug juice sandwiches using carpets squares on a car ride that lasted about 20 minutes. As I said, profuse apologies.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Yes, I know, bad blogger. I haven't posted anything of significance in pitifully too long. I'd love to say that this will change..... but it won't. Second semester does this to me. My escape thus far has been to read Electron's books before he does so that we can discuss them before he writes papers on them. I am also reading the "Little House" series out loud to all of them.

I read to escape. I read to become smarter. I read because I love to. I read because it is one of the few "me things" I can justify at the moment....... but:

Dost thou agree?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hello, my name is Melissa. I'm a serial checklist maker.

Yes, a 12 step program is probably needed. My year has started with so many checklists floating around that I need a list to keep up with my lists. Please excuse my serious absence from blogging. There are lists, er, children, to be tended to.....

We had a crazy Christmas break and, sadly, we did not get everything done that we needed to do. We have rooms still to be organized and playdates that never materialized. I am tempted to be sad about this but I am  not because we DID watch lots of movies with Daddy. We DID sleep in ...a lot. We DID make lots of yummy baked goods. We DID enjoy being lazy and going with the flow. Yes, my first week back to school has been quite unorthodox and way to unpredictable for my liking and a bit too scattered for the children to feel at ease BUT, though we still have one more day in our week, we HAVE gotten done what is the most important to do- we started reading the New Testament together. If all else fails, we have been successful.

Oh yeah, we had a marvelous zip through Montgomery to see everyone. It was glorious to actually put my feet in the homes of those we love. There were so many people to see that we only had about 2 days in each house but they were rich days full of laughter, picture taking, good food, and memory making. And everyone got to snuggle with Snowflake. She's crawling now by the way! I have no pictures because I never got to take the camera out of the car but Rex's iphone and Electron's Christmas gift (he got his own camera- thank you Mr. Rex) documented the trip and one of these days I'll share but for now..... I have to check "Hug kids" off my list. Don't laugh. At one point I actually had this on my checklist! I don't feel too bad though. I know a man that has a 5:30 alarm on his iphone to "hug wife". She appreciates the hug when he actually reads his iphone and remembers it too.! :D

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Have a picture.....

I've been buried under school books, lesson plans, and the cutest little toes/fingers/smiles ever..... hopefully I'll get a chance to catch up a bit over the break. In the mean time, here's a picture from a recent daddy date. Enjoy!

There's more than one way for a boy to get car!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lost in Austen

If you have Netflix, watch this movie. It is so fun! Guess I'm a hopeless romantic in so many ways. Thanks to my very dear friend, I am also a huge Austen fan. Though I think I am a cynical romantic, (is that possible? Maybe I'm a practical romantic??) I love the idea of her world...... so when I found a link to a "Which Austen character are you?" blog, I had to take it!

Apparently, I am Elinor Dashwood. I haven't read this book since I was in 8th grade! Guess what I'll be reading tonight while Rex is away on a trip? Wonder if I'll like this character? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Now, take the quiz and tell me who YOU are!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Call me Fairy Godmother......

.....,the one from Shrek 2, she said, "Someone get me something deep fried and covered in chocolate." Ever since I heard her utter those words, my heart has coveted the delicacy. Only I wanted it the other way around, deep fried chocolate..... I googled it.... I almost tried to make it.... but then I saw it!   $2: funnel cake battered then fried Milky Way bars....... ahhhhhhhh, bliss. Happy Fairy Godmother.

I WILL be making this on my own. Many times. Starting now. Oh yeah, the kids cleaned up with a 3/$5 deal on candied apples and yeeeeeees, Rex would never dream of leaving a place that sells funnel cakes without eating one. Electron scored a caramel apple. We're not big fair people (ok- they're not big fair people, I could live there.) and we've never really done the fair before but this year we went. This year, we enjoyed all that a fair can be. Even Snowflake! Pictures later.... but this photo taken as we were leaving at 11PM ON A SCHOOL NIGHT! says it all, "The fair is FUN!" Maybe in 10 years, we'll do it again.

On a totally different train of thought, today is October 15, a day when many around the world stop to remember. There are several days to "celebrate" the lives of babies that are not that are not here anymore. It really depends on which circle you run with I suppose but a group I belong to posted this today:

As I spend the day making cookies with Glitter, Snowflake, and Gem, I think of the 2 and 5 years olds that should be running around our feet...... I am so grateful for those that I hold here and I anxiously await the reunion with those that I have to wait to hold again.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Really neat

I've always thought that maybe I was born in the wrong decade..... nope, there are others out there: Another Year Without Groceries.

I have a secret (or not so secret?) desire to live totally off the grid and be long haired hippie.... of sorts. Gotta have a bath everyday and I'm not into drugs and that side of the lifestyle but the whole, "whatever man" approach to life really appeals to me. Not that you'd know that from the way I choose to live my life or anything..... yeah, my inner drive to be a responsible citizen, mom, teacher, and whatever else tends to keep me in line but I often think that IF I weren't those things.... I'd be living on a commune off the grid and floating through my day tending the land and sewing my own clothes and going barefoot through the wildflowers in bloom.... one can dream.

Anyhow, this family is doing something that I think is a good compromise, albeit a tough compromise, between my unrealistic mind-wandering and the everyday life that I must be responsible for. Their project intrigues me.

By the way, there is a reason I did not include "responsible Christian" in that list! I wholeheartedly believe that a Christian should be a good steward of ALLLLL of our resources (not just tithe a bit on Sunday) and we should therefore be leading the way on sustainability, healthy, and frugal living instead of setting new standards of opulence and over indulgence..... just a soap box thought for ya. I say this as I clear away mounds of unnecessary accumulated junk from my house..... and yeah, I'm feeling guilty about the zucchini that is molding in my fridge drawer because I totally forgot about it..... ummmm, maybe I'll put it in the compost bin today so I'll feel less guilty tomorrow? It's a start anyhow.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Facebook is my friend.....

when I'm looking to NOT do what I'm supposed to do. :D But, sometimes I find little nuggets of wisdom wrapped up in humor..... here's what I've gleaned this week that makes me laugh, grimace, repent, and re-focus:

Electron says this is me everyday, hmmmm, think I need some self-re-evalution, huh?

My heart's cry.....

Hehehe, you DO know my husband, right?

My BIG hero, and my BIGGER Hero.

I love grammar..... just not capitalization :)

I WILL, I WILL, I WILL! make these with my children!

He was pretty smart, wasn't he?

I get sooooooo lost in those eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

New blog!

I love it when I find friends that blog, I can follow them and add them to my side bar. Introducing: Our Days in HIS Hands.  This is my friend Kim who is Ondepenya's tutor with our homeschool group. She finds the neatest things while researching new grammar each week.... it come's home in said child's backpack and I LOVE it!  Pop on over and say hello.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Growing too fast!

Wow! I am amazed that Snowflake has been here 6 months already. How did that happen? Half a year is gone. I want so much to make her stay little forever. She really is so cute and squishy and adorable.

She has begun to eat the veggie cubes pack-ratted away in the freezer and she is LOVING food! Her first attempt at rice was a "take it or leave it" kind of thing... but now? Now, she pounces on the spoon like a cat on a mouse! It is so adorable...... She's got sweet potatoes, avocados, prunes, and apples under her belt. Next on the list is carrots, peas, green beans, broccoli, and bananas.

She has a tendency to hold her blanket in her mouth like a puppy dog does a bone. And she scoots around backwards on her back, not exactly crawling but it's movement and it's funny!

She also LOVES metal! This does pose a problem as metal baby keys have been taken off the market and big people keys contain harmful metals and coatings.... Rex's ingenious solution? I'll get a picture but he bought giant soup spoons (a safe metal), drilled a hole in the handles, and put them on a giant ring!!! Happy, happy Snowflake!!!

So, here's a picture of her first contra-band : a french fry

I'm going to be a terrible grandmother...... I was great about doing the right thing even when it was hard with the big four but I'm really falling down on the job this time..... if she weren't so cute and I weren't having such a fun time with her.... I'd feel guilty!  Okay, I DO feel guilty..... I'm trying hard to remember my job responsibilities but I think I'm failing..... but this next paragraph is why I'm struggling soooooo hard, I just don't take a single second of her amazing and precious life for granted and I am all too aware that life on earth is fleeting......

We took Snowflake out to visit Sweet Pea's grave for the first time today, it was spur of the moment and not at all the fantasy that my imagination had envisioned but it was very special anyhow. Rex took lots of pictures on his iphone and I'll post those when I get them. Because it is so far out of town, it becomes an almost all day event and that adds to the significance of each trip.... it makes "visiting" her purposeful and meaningful. I was blown away and overcome to discover that some generous and anonymous soul had placed "Remembrance" arrangements on the undecorated sites. Sadly, we don't get to go frequently enough to keep her flowers fresh and the ones from July had already blown away. "Remembrance Day" was back in August though many BLM celebrate it in September. It made me smile to drive up and find flowers, it is a very sad thing to arrive at your child's grave and find that in your absence, your flowers -your "love"- are no longer there......

But as we always remember, in truth, she is NOT there. She is in the Amazing Arms of Her Father and she is dancing at His feet and oh, if only we were there too, where there is no sadness or suffering or grief or sickness. Heaven awaits and that is one of her gifts to me. She has given me a heavenly focus. When the day-to-day frustrations mount.... I truly can appreciate the saying, "This too shall pass." In fact, really, most of this doesn't even matter! And so, Snowflake gets french fries....... :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Properly indoctrinated!

Courtesy of Jaja and his uncanny ability to find Alabama accessories (couldn't possibly be the fact that he's always on the hunt for good stuff, could it?) Snowflake is all set for her first football season. She enjoyed her first game too... Rooooooooooll Tideeeeeeeeeeee Roooooooooooll!

Cute, huh?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Daddy's Muse

You caught me!
It was bound to happen.... again. It has happened before. Daddy came home and Miss Cuteness smiled and off he went to grab his camera! Enjoy their "playdate" results!

Oh! Yes! Daddy's playing with me!
Mmmmmmm, yummy, and mine, all mine. 
Oh, Hi Daddy! Play with me , please.
This looks new......
Now, that's what I'm talkin' about!!!! A new chew toy!!!!
Built in toys are a good thing. 
She also enjoys golf cart rides with Daddy, anything and everything with Glitter, talking at a rapid clip with Electron, Ondepenya's finger (still, and still with an iron grip), and she's trying really hard to figure out Warrior. He makes a fun play toy just like Daddy! Surprisingly enough, she seems to be the first genuine Momma's baby! I returned to work last weekend and she made it clear when enough was enough and Mommy was needed..... that's how we discovered her love of the golf cart. Good thing I'm a stone's throw away! It is nice to be needed!