Wednesday, November 6, 2013

When homeschooling goes wrong....

Well, yeah, been away too long and I know it but hey, life happens. And here, it happens every single day.

Here's the super quick run down so you know what I mean when I say "life."

I ( Melissa) got back from tending to mom and her back surgery after 3 months of being in Alabama with 3 of the kiddos. The  big two stayed to finish the year with their classes. The summer kicked off with tutor training and job hunting... and general what not of being gone for 3 months!

Rex and I had the honor and privilege of photographing 2 weddings. Both were stunningly beautiful brides (no pictures obviously!). One was a backyard wedding and the other was a beach wedding. Pinterest would be jealous of both. I promise you, if I didn't know better I'd say these folks were hired from modeling agencies! We are working on our website because this is the line our hearts still want to go.

Rex's crazy season at work has just ended, he and Ondepena are building farmhouse tables to sell, he is gearing up to coach 2 basketball teams (Ondepenya and Warrior), and is addicted to this football team... can't seem to remember the name though. ;P


Mom's working 2 jobs and tutoring 2 classes (and loving it... but tired. Very tired.).

Future rock band cover photo, dontcha think?

Electron is in high school (choke!) and loving debate and economics and has also gotten his own YouTube channel. He's going to post about that though so I won't say much.
Glitter is in middle school, playing bball with our homeschool league, coaching Warrior's bball team with dad, and loving it.
Ondepenya is graduating from elementary school this year- oh my! I get to be his tutor one last time.
Warrior  is in 4th grade and officially taking the Essentials class for the first time.... which is one of the classes I am tutoring.
SnowFlake is enjoying her class (the nursery class) and is making friends in her church nursery classes and, by virtue of a joint child decision, is attending Wednesday morning story hour at the library.... and loving it. Mrs. Emily makes her smile as much as the big kids did. And, precious lady that she is, remembers the big kids too!

My bookends.... bittersweet memories here. One just getting started and one on his way out of the house. Love that he takes the time to teach her things in that special big brother way.

Sooooo, what is my homeschool fail story today?

Being the GOOD mom that I am, when the kids say, "Hey mom, we found a turtle laying eggs in the front yard. Can we mark the nest and watch it?" I say, "Yes! Of course! Please do."

When they say, "Hey mom, we found a nest of eggs in the flower beds. We looked it up and think they are skinks. Can we watch it to see what hatches?" I dutifully oblige with a resounding, "What a fun experiment! Let's do it!"

So when I hear, "Hey mom, we're studying moths in our class and this leaf looks like it has a moth's cocoon on the back. If I put it in a jar and keep it next to the fish tank, can we watch it until it hatches?" "Um, yeah. I don't see why not. Let's see how long it takes..... THE LAST TIME IT TOOK ABOUT 3 OR 4 WEEKS."

Imagine my horror when I heard this morning, "Mooooooooooooooooooooom, there's a bunch of baby spiders in the pencil can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do I do?"

Um yeah. Calmly I said something to the effect of,"RUN TO THE YARD WITH IT!"

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